What we're all about

Stuff we do

We are a boutiqe Cloud Consultancy specializing in enabling Cloud & Application Modernization to Containers, Serverless and Managed Data on AWS as effortlessly as possible, improving business agility while reducing ongoing maintenance effort and operational costs. And we do even more, not only do we modernize your existing cloud resources, but we also optimize, deploy, manage, scale, and secure them as part of our Cloud Managed Services offerings.

How do we do it?

We assess everything including the current state of your data and database architecture and modernize them as well. We then codify everything into infrastructure-as-code, develop any custom serverless functions or glue logic needed for your environment to run like a cheetah, and help accelerate your software development lifecycle by building end-to-end automation including CI/CD, setup managed container and function lifecycles and ensure observability and security across all stages.